A part of the human soul remains dormant until it experiences the love for animals.

The Gpaws application is a fantastic app designed to aid stray animals and continuously generate income for its users. Through a real VR experience, it gamifies the process and allows users to explore the real-world map with augmented reality, unlocking hidden mystery gift boxes.


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GoldenPaws Columns

Our values for the community and our users.


The Golden Paws family is a highly active community in the crypto sector. Our global and local community, consisting of animal lovers, supports our mission in both crypto and animal adoption. The community goal for Golden Paws is to surpass a million followers in the near future.


Rescuing animals is the primary goal of Golden Paws. Our charitable efforts aim to demonstrate the positive impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in our country and globally. Through our community, established association, and farm serving for 14 years, we have provided and will continue to provide significant assistance. It is also gratifying to share some of the events we have organized in the local and national media with you.


Our roadmap created for our community, users, and our beloved animal friends.

Q3 2023
Q3 2023

• Website Setup V1

• Tokenization

• Creation of Social Media Accounts

• Whitepaper Presentation



Q4 2023
Q4 2023

• GPAWS Application Development

• Pre-sale

• DEX Listing

• Partnership Announcements



Q1 2024
Q1 2024

• Corporate Partnership Announcement

• Ambassador Program

• Marketing and Community Growth

• CEX Listing

• Online and Offline Events

• CMC-CG Listing

Q2 2024
Q2 2024

• GPAWS Application Launch

• Litepaper V2

• CEX Listing

• Intensive Marketing

• Stake Application


Q3 2024
Q3 2024

• CEX Listing

• Strategic Partnership Announcement

• GPAWS Land

• GPAWS AI Applications



Q4 2024
Q4 2024

• Coming Soon...


In order to ensure sustainability in a way that benefits our community, users, and our animal friends the most, we have prepared our V1 technical document. In this technical document, you can explore the future of our project at a surface level and get an idea.

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About GPAWS Token

Token Info

We have strived to create the best tokenomics for a sustainable awareness project.

  • Token Name


  • ICO Pre-sale starts in

    2024-01-12 17:00

  • Platform

    Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

  • PreICO price

    1 GPAWS = $0,0008

  • Token Soft cap

    50 BNB

  • Token Hard Cap

    150 BNB

  • Total Supply GPAWS

  • Sold Tokens

    50.000.000 GPAWS

  • Remaining Tokens

    0 GPAWS


Frequently Questions

Frequently asked questions about our project.

What is PAWS and Gold Paws Token?

The Goldenpaws token is a unique project created by the Goldenpaws Turkey team, focusing on our common goal of stray, injured, in need of care, or abandoned animal friends. Simultaneously considering the dynamics of the crypto market, GPAWS aims to be more than a traditional token, striving to offer institutional opportunities to its investors and supporters. It is about to make an entry into the global market with a brand-new utility. Our exciting and highly profitable journey is soon to kick off with significant campaigns and announcements, presenting important opportunities for us, the initial supporters. The project is conducted with a professional approach grounded in corporate identity, surpassing all trust indices. The promotion of the project on local and international stages, utility usage, and outreach efforts are a collective responsibility. This project aims to serve as an example to many tokens and projects in terms of its foundational infrastructure, which will be explained in detail in the future. Before embarking on this exciting journey, we will share all informative explanations, roadmaps, and the significant opportunities it will provide with you. As a community manager, feel free to send us any questions privately or here. Please note that our administrators will not initiate the first message to you! Be cautious of fraudulent attempts.

What is GPAWS Utility?

The Golden Paws Association is the Turkish branch of the international Goldenpaws organization with a 14-year history. The gpaws token, saying hello to life with a very important utility, is the patented and official product of the Golden Paws Association. Gpaws utility aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the advertising and marketing field, preparing for a fantastic formation with the support of dozens of programmers as a corporate project aiming to be a pioneer in the marketing sector far beyond the meme token concept. With the tokenized planning of the Pokemon Go game, it aims to be the first in Turkey in the field of Real World ASSETS (RWA). Detailed presentations for the future are planned very soon.

Who was GPAWS Token Sold to?

The GPAWS Token has not been sold to anyone prior to the public sale, and no sales have been made.

Where to Buy GPAWS Token?

The public sale of GPAWS Token will indeed be available soon on GemPad. Subsequently, as planned in the roadmap, listings will be made on other CEX and DEX exchanges.

Will there be GPAWS Staking?

Yes, in the future, you will be able to stake GPAWS Tokens.

Our Team


In the Press

We have provided various written and visual news and interviews on numerous national and international media platforms.

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